If you are planning to move abroad whether to reside, or to seek a job or pursue higher education, the you need to obtain a visa for which all your document needs to get attested by both the Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassy of the concerned state. However, before you proceed to the MEA attestation, you first need to get all your documents by the HRD or the Home Department of the state. It is the process of authentication of all your documents that are related to your educational qualifications. Proper to July 2007, one needed to go to the HRD Department of New Delhi to get the documents attested but now, with the opening up of so many centres in various regions, it has become much easier for everyone to get this process done. Thus HRD attestation is the initial stage to move further with the entire process. 

An educational document attested by the HRD is further attested by the Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassy of the state where you are going to visit. Since the past few years, this has been made a mandatory process for anyone who seeks to carry on education abroad. Without being authenticated by the HRD, you just cannot get any step ahead in the entire process of getting visa.

While you can get other process of attestation done by various agents and certificate attestation services, for getting the HRD attestation, you cannot avail this opportunity. Such important activity is not allowed to be carried out by any third party. Thus, it has been agreed upon this process has increased hassles in part of the candidates as this is very much time consuming and a rather complicated process. Also, this process is mandatory and thus, no further requests to forward any document without being attested by the HRD is not entertained at all.

This attestation is just a way of checking the authenticity of all your educational documents and the concerned authority just checks all your documents and put a stamp of verification after signing on it. You can take prior appointment for this purpose so that later on you do not have to hurry up and panic in the last moment. Certificate attestation is one of the most important works which needs to be done in the due course of time in order to get the visa.

Thus in order to get this particular task done on time in order to avoid any further complication, you need to contact the HRD Department as early as possible and get all the document to them in both original and photocopies. After a close verification, the concerned authority will certify all your educational documents which will be a proof of your truth and authenticity in future. Only after this, you shall be able to join your dream course in any foreign university and move on further with your studies and have a bright future ahead. 



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