Human Resource Development (HRD) plays an important role when you have to apply for jobs, or going for further studies out of India. HRD attestation has a requirement of application form, original certificates, passport size photo, all year mark sheets and copy of electoral card. So, does not matter whether you are going to other countries for the job or for pursuing higher studies, attestation for HRD is a must thing. Once your attestation for HRD is done, Embassy attestation that is required is carried out before the documents are approved. With both the non educational and educational certificated, HRD or HOME DEPARTMENT STATE, attestation is gaining an importance increasingly and has also become a very major factor in the procedure of attestation and legalization. 

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Apostille and Attestation work is outsourced with effect from the date March 1 of 2012. As an outsourcing result, there’s no document that is accepted from an individual by MEA counter at CPV Division, Patiala House and New Delhi. All the original documents are tend to be submitted to one of the outsourced companies directly, SEPL collection and also the delivery center along with a document’s photocopy and also a photocopy of the applicant’s passport. 

All the original documents that require the MEA attestation are needed to be first attested or authenticated by the departments of State Governments from where the documents are actually issued. Then, the attestation can be done only after the respective state authority has done attesting that particular document.The attestation process of the documents from MEA is done on all documents or certificates that are issued by Indian Authorities. 

Step1: Documents authentication 

•    Non Educational Documents: All the documents (like marriage certificates, birth or death certificates, driving licenses, affidavits, etc.) Are needed to be attested firstly by the State Home Department of the State or Union Territory issuing them. The authentication that is done must have the seal of name and designation and also the seal of the department.

•    Educational Documents: All the documents need to be firstly attested by the State Education Department of the State Government or the Union Territory that is concerned. The authentication that is done must have the seal of the name and designation and also the department so that it actually looks authenticated.

•    Commercial Documents: The documents needs to be preauthorized by the Chambers of Commerce respectively just before these are going for attestation by the Ministry if External Affairs, New Delhi. The rubber stamp of the respective Commerce Chamber must also be affixed on every certificate or documents along with the designation and name of the person who is the authorized signatory. 

Step 2: Document legalization or attestation by MEA

The documents are attested or legalized by the Ministry of External Affairs only after the documents are authenticated with the seal or stamp and the signature of the authorities designated of the Union Territory or State Government or Chambers of Commerce from where the documents were issued actually. MEA attests the documents or certificates on the basis of the designated authorities’ signatures and hence, has no responsibility of the document contents. 


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