Due to Kuwait's non-membership in the Hague Convention, travellers must have all required papers attested by Kuwait's embassy attestation prior to entering Kuwait's borders. The process of getting a document confirmed by the Kuwait Embassy Consulate in New Delhi or Mumbai is difficult, thus it's best to employ a reputable agency or organization to handle the attestation on your behalf.

The Attestation of the Kuwaiti Embassy is what?

In order to get a document authenticated by the Kuwaiti Embassy, the document must first be authenticated by the embassy. Documents are authenticated at several levels and by multiple countries as part of this attestation process. Officials and firms specializing in Kuwait embassy attestation should be used on a regular basis to complete the process.

Why Is An Attestation from the Kuwait Embassy Necessary?

At the next level, an applicant or corporation must get the Attestation of the Kuwaiti Embassy:

●    To get a job in Kuwait, you'll need to have your degree and work experience certificates authenticated.

●    It is required that educational certificates from the previous school attended be authenticated in order to pursue a higher education.

●    An essential part of doing business in Kuwait is obtaining the Kuwait Embassy's Attestation of Commercial Documentation for Exports and Establishment.

●    Proof of Relationship, such as a marriage or birth certificate, must be authenticated by the Kuwait Embassy in New Delhi or Mumbai in order to get a residence permit.

The Kuwait Embassy's Attestation Process

Attestation of papers from the Kuwait Embassy or consulate is offered by Sublime, a reputable company Attestation of Kuwaiti papers is a complicated process that is carried out in an indirect manner. Various layers of government are involved in the attestation procedure. A Notary Public, SDM, HRD, Home Department, MEA, and the Embassy's attestation are all included. According on the kind of document, these steps may be different. There are three phases to the Kuwait Attestation process:

●    Attestation of papers at the local level is part of the first stage. As part of this process, the issuing authority (such as a university or a board of directors) certifies the authenticity of the document by attestation. Depending on the papers, the first stage of authentication comprises certification by State HRD, the Home Department, or the Chamber of Commerce.

●    Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi is required for the second level of attestation.

●    Step three of the document attestation process takes place at the Kuwait Embassy and is known as Level III. The Kuwait Embassy authenticates your paperwork at this point.


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