One of the most important things you need while going abroad is the visa. In fact, visa is something without which you just would not be able to get inside a foreign state. However, the process of obtaining visa is rather a complicated and time consuming one. If you have a plan to travel or settle in the Middle-East, then for obtaining visa, you need to get your education and personal documents to have the Saudi Embassy Attestation .

The process of attestation is simply the validation of your documents in the eye of law. Since all these legal works can indeed be a very difficult task to deal with, one needs to start this as early as possible. In other words, it can be described as the method by which the authenticity of all your educational and personal documents is checked and the verifying personnel attach his or her sign in the photocopies. 

Every year, folks of people migrate to other countries in order to look for new jobs, to get settled or for pursuing any degree in the educational institutions. For this, you need to get your documents attested. All you need to do is to provide both your original documents and the photocopies of the same to the Ministry of

External Affairs. The process of attestation goes through three phases:

1.    Attestation by the Home Department: At first, you need to get your documents attested by the Home Department of the state where you reside. In this regard, it should be noted that attestation should be done by the concerned Department. For example, if you are getting you educational documents attested, then you need to do so from the Education Department only.

2.    Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs: In the second phase, you need to get your documents attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. You should ensure that your documents have prior attestation from your Home Department.

3.    Attestation by the Embassy: At the later stage, you will need to get the documents attested by the Embassy of the concerned state where you are visiting. 

Thus it is quite clear that attestation is something which is mandatory for anyone to obtain a visa to fly to a foreign country. You just simply would not be allowed to proceed further if you do not have this official certification of authentication by the concerned personnel.

Since in the current busy schedule, it is not possible for you to run from one department to another in order to get your documents attested. There are a lot of Attestation Services in India  from where you can get this particular job done and that too in the minimum time possible. Some of them also have the facility of collecting your documents from you place and dropping those at your doorstep after getting the attestation. However, while looking for these services, you need to make sure that these have been properly registered and legally valid.



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