There are lot of agencies and companies providing the services of document attestation for UAE what differentiates them from each other is the process they follow the sequential and systematic arrangement of steps for attestation set by a agency will automatically improve the time management of its services and will be quite quick from others as the other will lack in the procedure being followed.

To track the proper status of your document which is being attested you can contact the concerned agency from where you have applied your document to get attested, also the time duration varies from document to document as some of them take quite less time than that of some others this is basically based upon the type of document. Nowadays there is an online aid which enables you to check the status of your document which getting attested which helps you to keep a track of your documents. 

The procedure of authentication is actually the thing which confirms the identity of a person. And attestation is the evidence which states that a document is attested for the use by a particular individual.  Now the Legalization which is an essential process in itself as it is the official assurance that a signature, seal or stamp on a document is authentic. The verification of the documents which are being verified by the university and termed as authentic documents and can be used anywhere for further attestation.

The process of Notarization is actually the stamping or sealing, dating and signing the document after sufficient evidence and ensures authenticity. Certificate attestation is done on the reverse of the Originals. In case if the document given is laminated so it’s likely to be done that the lamination will be removed for getting the procedure of attestation done by the embassy. But in case if the document gets frail it is advised to get issued a new one and get it attested.

While visiting UAE or other Gulf countries for job, occupation or education your documents needs to be attested and endorsed by the country’s Embassy or Consulate in India.A significant number of Indians are being working in GCC nations which include Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA), and United Arab Emirates (UAE) and thus it becomes as a legal need for workers and employees to attest their documents in corresponding foreign embassy or consulate in Delhi/Mumbai.

For applying for attestation at UAE Embassy, you require original certificate and a passport copy. The UAE Embassy attestation  is an essential thing which is required to be completed from the home country where the original certificate / documents were issued from. The legalization by the MFA (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs) of the host country (UAE) plays a significant role in attestation of document as all the documents not following the regulation and legalization presented by UAE will come under the category of improper and would ultimately be regarded as inadequate.

The process of attestation is not the same for all the documents, endorsements and certificates. The attestation process varies on each documents and certificates and depends upon which country the declaration, documents and certificates was issued from.


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