Although there has been an increase in the number of cases of document fraud and identity theft, you should protect your recruiting process by contacting verification company to get a free estimate for document verification services or a comprehensive employment screening package.

What exactly is the process of verifying documents?

The procedure known as document verification involves checking the credentials of a candidate's previous employers as well as the educational institutions they attended. Verification of the candidate's documents helps to confirm that the candidate's claims are accurate. For example, document verification services of the candidate's prior employment, educational qualifications, certifications, and any other documents provided to assert a candidate's abilities are all examples of document types that can be used for this purpose.

Why should document verification be conducted?

Verifying documents provides a number of advantages, including the following:

●    Protect your company against the legal and financial repercussions that might result from selecting applicants who are unfit or inadequately qualified. Be certain that the individuals you hire are capable of carrying out the duties associated with the function you are trying to fill.

●    When you screen potential applicants for a post, you may save time and money in the long run by determining right from the start whether or not a candidate is qualified for the position and whether or not they meet the standards for the role.

●    If a candidate or employee is not honest about their credentials, it may be an indication that they lack integrity in their working behavior.

Who shall do the verification of the documents?

As a component of a thorough employment screening process, we think that document verification checks should be conducted in all types of enterprises. Make certain that your company is safeguarded by doing the essential document verification checks on the applicants you're considering for open positions.

When should you verify the documents that have been submitted?

When screening potential new employees, we strongly advise doing document checks on each applicant. This ensures that only the most qualified individuals go through in the selection process to become workers, and gives you complete faith in their capacity to fulfill the requirements of the role.

What exactly is the process of verifying an employee's background, and how long does it take?

The process of verifying an employee's past entails doing an exhaustive investigation into the candidate's employment history, as well as their college degrees, academic credentials, court records, and sometimes even their credit ratings.

●    The procedure typically takes anything from three to ten days to complete. However, it may be extended if a corporation want to do a more in-depth investigation into your past (mostly done for senior level hires).

●    Once you have made it through all of the company's interview rounds, they will often do a background check on you.

What Kind of Information May Become Available After Running a Background Check?

During the process of verifying your background, employers will seek for the following information before extending a job offer to you:

●    Your public records - Companies are able to quickly get your criminal history and court records by contacting any law enforcement agency in the United States.

●    Your previous employment — Potential employers will investigate your previous employers, the dates you worked for them, the roles you had at each business, your income, your performance history, and how you conducted yourself while working there, among other things. And don't forget to provide the results of the drug test!

●    Education history - Employers will get in touch with your college or institution to verify your qualifications. This is a foregone conclusion due to the fact that the most typical kinds of corporate fraud include the fabrication of degrees, fraudulent certificates, and false grades.


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