The Saudi Tourist Visa, also known as the Saudi e-Visa, is a document that allows foreigners to enter Saudi Arabia for non-essential or religious purposes. The Saudi Tourist Visa is a one-year electronic visa that allows multiple entry. It allows travelers to Saudi Arabia to stay for a maximum of 90 days in the country. Other pursuits, like studying, are not covered, however tourism-related activities such as Umrah are (with the exception of the season of Hajj). Saudi Arabia now only issues e-visas to tourists who are at least 18 years old and originate from one of 49 countries. 

Visa for Business 

To enter Saudi Arabia for any commercial reason, including to attend business-related gatherings such as meetings, conferences, or other events, you must hold a business visa. This could be a single-entry visa or a visa that is authorized for many entries. 

Documentation Required

A letter of invitation is required in order to participate. Applicants must make a request to the Saudi company they are visiting, requesting that the company forward this letter to their local Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Saudi Chamber of Commerce. In addition, they must provide a copy of the Saudi company's business registration documentation that is hosting or funding the tri

A Saudi Arabian company has sent an electronic invitation letter:

Verification of employment letter from the applicant's employer stating that the applicant holds the position being applied for and declaring "business" as the reason for traveling on behalf of the firm. 

●    A copy of the company's business registration, both in Saudi Arabia and in the nation where the company was founded. 
●    Additional paperwork may be sought in the event that it is required. 
●    Making an application procedure .
●    You can submit the application for a Saudi Tourist Visa on its official website. Fill out the application form completely. 
●    Pay the fee for using a Visa card. 
●    Apply for a Visa online. 

Visa for Umrah 

Before beginning their journey to Makkah, Muslims who wish to perform the minor pilgrimage known as the Umrah must first get an official document known as an Umrah visa. Depending on where you were born, you can receive one of two types of Umrah visas: a regular paper Umrah visa or an electronic Umrah visa. Both Umrah visas are valid for a duration of two weeks. 


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