In order to check the authenticity of any document, attestation is required where a gazetted personnel verifies your certificate with his or her signature and official stamp.  You need to show both the original documents and their photocopies a d the latter will be attested by the personnel giving an authenticity to your certificates.  Attestation of documents is definitely one of the most important tasks that one needs to do before any official affairs whether it is about applying for any course in any institution or any other job. 

How To Get Documents Attested By Ministry Of External Affairs

In case you need to travel abroad for your study or residing there, all your important documents needs to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs otherwise you would not be able to proceed further. You will need to get a visa to move abroad which will be issued only after the officials check all your documents and verify those. The conventional procedure for getting your documents attested is to do it directly from the MEA but it is a very time consuming affair if you need to do it urgently. But in order to ease this problem, there are many consulting services that are quite efficient in delivering complete certificate Attestation Services for you which will save a lot of time for you. 

Types of attestation

Attestations are mainly of three types. These are:

•    Attestation by the state
•    MEA Attestation which is also called Apostille.
•    Attestation done by the Embassylle Attestation.

This article discusses elaborately about the MEA Attestation or the Apostille Attestation.

If you are looking for admission to any of the countries which are related to the Hague Convention, then you need Apostille Attestation. It is acknowledged my most of the countries of the western world and you are eligible to move to about 92 nations with this attestation. Here, a square shaped computed generated stamp is being which is fixed on the opposite side of the certificate of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. This stamp has a different identification number and you can check its acceptance in the nations of the Hague Convention online. 

Choose An Experienced Agency For This Purpose

Since it had been mentioned before that getting this attestation is time consuming and you can take resort to various consultation services, you should always be careful when you are choosing such an agency. Always look for an old company who is experienced in this field for many years. It would be better if you contact with the persons who have availed their services and get a feedback from them. Continue with the agency only if you thing their feedbacks are reliable and all your doubts are cleared.

With such services, getting your certificates attested for your visa would definitely not be any problem. Once you get this, your further official works would move swiftly.

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